Tomorrow's Technology, Today
Our specialties:
We provide consulting services for your current, new, and ever changing computer systems and networks.
Argenta Technology helps our customers by taking the confusion out of technology. Through simple, easy-to-answer questions, we can narrow down your problems and work towards a resolution. We fix most issues remotely by connecting to your computer through the internet.

​​Argenta is not just about fixing the problem, but also educating people about how to use their technology to its fullest ability. Most users only use about 50% of the features available to them. We explain the problem in easy to understand terms so you get more than an invoice.

We save you money and time by using our innovative strategy of providing remote support. This allows us to work from anywhere, leaving you in the comfort of your own home. If remote service is not possible, we will walk you through disconnecting and reconnecting your computer to allow you to bring your computer to us.

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• Home Support
• Customer Training

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